WagerWire Report: Smash or Fade? NFL Edition Week 2

Updated: Sep 14

Now that the first week of NFL football has wrapped up, we can take a step back and reassess what we got wrong and what we got right. In week one, I took the Rams to beat the Bills outright in what I imagined what would be a lower scoring, defense decided game. So I took the under quite confidently. We went into halftime 10-10, with my bet still alive, but it was a different story in the second half as the Bills scored 21 straight to win on the road 31-10. I knew both defenses would be flying around and that there would be turnovers, but I did not expect 7 to be the total between both teams. While the under did hit, my ML prediction floundered so I'll start the 2022 season 0-1 in my predictions. Lesson learned, the Bills are who they were hyped up to be all offseason... but the Rams? Well let's not overreact. The Rams will be fine. What better way to get back into a rhythm and find your groove than by staying put at home to welcome the Atlanta Falcons to SOFI Stadium in week 2. But that's neither here nor there, as I'd like to turn my attention to another matchup this week. Without further ado, let's go!

Chicago Bears (1-0) @ Green Bay Packers (0-1)

Sunday September 18 at 8:20 PM NBC

I am here to tell you to keep calm about week one. The first week in any sport is hardly indicative of how the rest of the season plays out for any team. We just watched the Bears defeat the 49ers in a monsoon and while that game was fun to watch, on a clear sunny day, I believe that game would have turned out differently. Now, obviously weather is a part of the game, and there's a "1" in the win column for the Bears so that's all that actually matters, but moving forward I'm pumping the breaks on Chicago, especially this week against the Green Bay Packers. Vegas will tell you, likewise many NFL fans, that it isn't a hot take to predict that the Packers will beat the Bears this week in Lambeau. If you're reading this article I'm not here to convince you of that either, so I'd like to shift the focus to the point spread. Remember that highlight from last years Packers vs. Bears game of Aaron Rodgers yelling at Bears fans, "I STILL OWN YOU!"? That still applies. Aaron has to win this game. It's really non-negotiable. His back is against the wall sitting at 0-1 with a young and eager 1-0 rival on deck, who is just salivating at the mouth to remove him from his self proclaimed throne. A throne that, up until this point, Aaron sat on comfortably. With a 21-5 record against these Chicago Bears, it feels different this year. With no one to throw to and no signs of life on defense, Rodgers still goes into this game as a 10 point favorite. I believe in Aaron Rodgers, and I believe in Matt Lefluer to fire up the perfect gameplan to not only defeat the Chicago Bears, but dismantle them. I am Smashing the Packers to cover this 10 point spread and I'm fading the Bears and that week 1 hype. There were tons of mental mistakes on the behalf of Green Bay on Sunday at almost every position group. With receivers dropping balls and the defense unable to find a way to contain Justin Jefferson, Rodgers was visably frustrated and the game was over before it began. Matt Lefleur and Joe Barry will understand the advantage they have against a young quarterback in Justin Fields with an offensive line that could be exposed this week. Fields was sacked twice on four pressures against the 49ers in week one, but if the Packers want to win convincingly and get their swagger back, they'll need to double those pressureses and double those sacks, and focus on suffocating the pocket to create turnovers. This game won't be won on offense by the Packers like they often were in previous years. It's vital that turnovers are created, setting up the Packers with favorable field position and lighten the load on this receiving corp. If the Packers secondary can step up and create some coverage sacks along with help from the defensive line, I think the Packers run away with this game early. So my week 2 prediction, for the Packers vs. Bears is as follows: Packers cover the 10 point spread (+350) and the score will hit the 42.5 point over (-110). Will I bounce back to get my record back to .500 or will a zero hold true in the win column?

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