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Former NFL Player, Sports Illustrated executive, Emmy Award winner, and 7 Summits victor, Mark Pattison, sat down for an incredibly inspirational chat with Zeke on another WagerWire Live Twitter space, Wednesday, November 2nd.

The 7 Summits challenge is a feat that many people who attempt, never finish. To complete the challenge, you must climb the highest mountain in each of the worlds 7 contenents.

  • Mount Kosciusko/Australia (7,310 ft.)

  • Mount Vinson/Antarctica (16,050 ft.)

  • Mount Elbrus/Russia, Europe (18,510 ft.)

  • Mount Kilimanjaro/Tanzania, Africa (19,341 ft.)

  • Mount McKinley (Denali)/Alaska, North America (20,310 ft.)

  • Mount Aconcagua/Argentina, South America (22,841 ft.)

  • Mount Everest/Napal, Asia (29,032 ft.)

Photo via: https://twitter.com/markpattisonnfl
Mark Pattison climbing the Grand Teton in Jackson Hole, Wyoming during the summer of 2022

Mark Pattison became the first NFL player, current or former, to ever reach all 7 of these summits; a task that took Mark a total of 9 years to finish.

Mt. Everest, the most daunting climb of them all, took Mark 2 months to complete, but the physical aspect of the climb, was hardly the most intense and trying part. The exponential amount of mental toughness it takes to accomplish this feat, is the most vigorous duty.

"I think one of the things that's the hardest just out of the gate is that people don't realize how long you're on that mountain and it really takes a mental toll as well as a physical toll on you. The mental toll of being there for two months is that all of the conveniences we have at this minute, you know, me talking on my phone to you through the internet and other people being able to listen, that goes out the door. So, you're basically in not very much communication for two months which is a hard thing to do.... You're not having great meals. You're living at 17,500 feet for most of the time that you're up there, short of when you're climbing up and down the mountain on ice and rock and its minus 0.... It's cold at night and it's hard to do that on rocks and ice for 2 months straight."

In addition to the mental and physical barriers, there are serious health risks involved as well. Humans at a certain elevation need to build up their red blood cell count in order to carry more oxygen through the body. The way Mark built up his red blood cell count, was by trekking up and back down the mountain.

Mark says, "If you were just plopped on top of Mt. Everest, you would die within an hour. You have to build up these red blood cells. So that's the reason why you're there so long."

The odds of completing the 7 Summits challenge are not in a climber's favor. Through all of the physical and mental obstacles that mother nature threw at Mark, he was successful in his journey. He lives to tell the 7 Summits story today through interviews, his NFL 360 film, "Searching for the Summit", which was awarded an Emmy in 2022 for Best Picture, and his podcast called, "Finding Your Summit".

Listen to the recorded version of the interview here! https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1MYxNgvzdPQKw

Photo via: https://twitter.com/markpattisonnfl

Cover photo via: https://www.markpattisonnfl.com/expeditions/

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